Archivi mensili per febbraio, 2004

Turin, Castle of Valentino

Conservation of frescoes, stucco and plaster-works in “Sala dello Zodiaco”, Sala delle Magnificenze” , “Sala delle Feste e Fasti” (17thcent). Public Autority: Politecnico of Turin. Project Site Supervisor: Arch. A. Bianco. Addicional Supervisors : Arch. Visconti for Superintendence of the Architectural Heritage and Landscape for Piedmont , Dr. Mossetti for Superintendence of the Historical, Artistic […]

Shirvanshah Complex, Baku (Azerbaijan)

Conservation of the stone surfaces of Divanhane (15th cent.) Public Autority: Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture. Project Site Supervisors : Director Roustam Moukhtarov. Funded by: World Bank General Contractor: Arte e Restauro srl Padova. The Shirvanshahs complex is the most important architectural monument of Azerbaijan and is located in the Old City of Baku. In December […]