Archivi mensili per febbraio, 2004

Castle of Valentino, Turin – Italy

Conservation of frescoes, stucco and plaster-works in “Sala dello Zodiaco”, Sala delle Magnificenze” , “Sala delle Feste e Fasti” (17thcent). Public Autority: Politecnico of Turin. Project Site Supervisor: Arch. A. Bianco. Addicional Supervisors : Arch. Visconti for Superintendence of the Architectural Heritage and Landscape for Piedmont , Dr. Mossetti for Superintendence of the Historical, Artistic […]

Shirvanshah Complex, Baku – Azerbaijan

Client: Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Sponsor: World Bank Supervisor: Dr. Roustam Moukhtarov Conservation of the stone surfaces of Divankhana (15th cent.) The Shirvanshahs complex is the most important architectural monument of Azerbaijan and is located in the Old City of Baku. In December 2000, the Old City of Baku including the Palace of the […]