National Museum, Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

Conservation of the National Museum permanent collection

Public Autority:Ministry of Heritage and Culture –National Museum.

Project Site Supervisors: Director Jamal al-Moosawi.

From 2013 to 2016

10 Mahut amphorae
coins collections (9th–10th and 19th-20th cent.).
Greek style bronze incense burner holder (320 a.c.)
182 bronze items from the site of al-Deer (Dibba) and Safah (first half of the Iron Age).
16 stucco’s mashrabyiahs (17th – 19thcent.).
3 Carving wooden portals from Ibra and Rustaq (17th – 18th cent.)
portuguese bronze cannon (1643) from Macao, an American 42 pounds bronze cannon (1850-1860) from Boston (U.S.), a Germany 6 pounds bronze cannon (1886)
Arabic inscriptions on local lime from Friday Bahla Mosque ((15th cent.)
inlayed shell roundels collection from the site of al-Deer (Dibba) (first half of the Iron Age)