San Michele Arcangelo Church, Sermoneta – Italy

Conservation and development of old Church of San Michele Arcangelo (13th cent.) to be devoted to exhibition space, conference room and permanent exhibition of defensive structures in the old city of Sermoneta. Commissioned by: Sermoneta Local Town Council. Project Site Supervisors: Arch. Di Falco. Addiccional Supervisors : Dr. Rossi for Superintendence of the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-Anthropological Heritage for Lazio, Arch. Strati for Superintendence of the Architectural Heritage and Landscape for Lazio

Conservation of plasters, stucco and lapidee surfaces in the church (14,15,16 and17th cent.); frescos in the Crypt and the church (13,14,15,16 and17th cent.) ; of the wooden Choir (17th cent.). Supplied lighting equipment, video surveillance equipment, audio-video. Equipment of exhibition spaces (panels, models, models, etc..). Implementation of the model of the City of Sermoneta and Church of St. Angelo. Construction of a radiant floor. Supply and implementation of domotics. Supply and placement of furniture in the conference room (seats, footrests). Accommodation of the outdoor spaces